School’s out – but what apps, sites and games are in?

Summer holidays can be the perfect time to relax, sunbathe and spend time with family. However, for many of us, we’ll turn to our phones and devices for entertainment or distraction. This is especially true for children and young people, who may spend more time online over the holidays.

Follow our Share Aware TEAM tips

  • Talk to your child regularly about what they are doing online and how to stay safe. Let your child know they can come to you or another trusted adult if they’re feeling worried or upset by anything they have seen. Sign up to our icebreaker email series and get top tips for great conversations sent straight to your inbox.
  • Explore sites and apps together with your child. Understand why they like using them and make sure they know what they can do to keep themselves safe, including what personal information they should not share online. Learn more about the most popular apps on Net Aware.
  • Agree your own rules as a family when using sites, apps and games. This will help your children to understand what is okay and what is not okay when they’re online. You can use our Family Online Agreement template to help you get started.
  • Manage your technology by using parental controls to block upsetting or inappropriate content. If you need help with privacy settings or parental controls, you can pop into an O2 Store and speak to a Guru who’ll be happy to help. You can make a face-to-face appointment with an O2 Guru in one of 450 stores – you don’t have to be an O2 customer.  


Any further questions? Call our free Online Safety Helpline

Our O2 NSPCC Helpline advisors can answer any questions about apps, sites or games, or online safety in general. You can call them for free on 0808 800 5002.

“Calling the helpline helped me feel reassured that I was doing the right thing. The technical advice and extra hints and tips were definitely helpful, because I’m not particularly technical, so being able to check that I’d not missed anything in terms of controls was great.”- Mother of a 10 year old girl