Flipagram has changed to Vigo Video

Flipagram has changed to Vigo Video. Vigo Video is a video maker that lets you make 15 second clips from the photos and videos on your phone. You can edit them, add filters and share your creation with others.

What do I need to know about Vigo Video?

  • You must be 16+ years old to use Vigo Video, and have parental consent if you are under the age of 18.
  • There is not a single body that determines the age rating of an app, site or game. Stores may rate sites differently such as the App Store (which rates Vigo Video 12+) and Google Play Store. In addition, the platform itself may also give their app a different age rating. You can find out more about age ratings on our news page here.
  • There are no identity checks to verify age on this site.
  • Certain inappropriate words cannot be searched.
  • You can message and receive messages on videos from anyone, unless you change your privacy settings.

Creating an account

  • Users can create an account by logging in via; Facebook, Twitter, Google or a mobile number
  • Users are asked to come up with a username and add a photo. Both of these are optional and if left blank, the server will create a generic username for you.
  • You can access the site without creating an account and search for content using hashtags and user names. 
  • You must have an account to: follow a user; comment on people's videos; upload and create content; report and block content. 

Privacy settings

  • By default, all privacy settings are switched off. This means that users profiles will be public and they will have to go into their privacy settings to ensure their account is not public to all users. 
  • Users can choose to have a profile picture, gender and information about themselves in an open text box.
  • There is a ‘You may not’ section in the Terms of Service, which includes a list of behaviours that are not allowed on the site.  
  • Privacy settings can be changed so that only the users you follow, or those who follow you can comment on your videos.

Location settings

  • ‘Hide location’ is automatically switched off in privacy settings, so users will need to activate it in order to protect your location. 
  • There is a ‘Nearby’ section that brings up local users.
  • Users are prompted to confirm that they are happy for their location to be shared in the app when entering the ‘Nearby’ section.


  • To report a user: Select a user, on their profile select the sharing icon in the top right of the page, click ‘report’ and select your reason for reporting
  • To report a video: Select the video you want to report, click the three dots on the top right, click ‘report’ and select reason for reporting the video.
  • When you submit a report, there is no message about what the next steps are.


  • To block a user: click on their username, select the sharing icon at the top right of the page and select block.
  • Users will be prompted with a message confirming they want to block the user and are happy for their videos to not be recommended to them anymore. 

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